Federal Bars Matter

We shouldn’t be surprised to witness the erasure (or attempts to erase) the last eight years of President Obama’s work. Some of the undoing makes headlines (done on purpose and to “honor” campaign promises), while other acts are payoffs for investments in the administration’s campaign. Another victory for campaign investors came with anotjer signature, when AG Sessions has rescinded a previous order for the federal government to reduce use of private prisons. The pro-private prison folks are cheering all the way to Wall Street. They know that these prisons will be kept filled by the school to prison pipeline, the still dysfunctional injustice system and, what 45 calls the “military operation” — aka this administrations fervor about immigration policy enforcement. If anyone in this administration saw the searing documentary, 13th, they likely didn’t care about its message. Apparently, #AGSessions doesn’t.

There was good reason that compelled former #AGLorettaLynch to initiate a plan to reduce federal use of private prisons. These prison pimps are in it for the money — rehabilitation and reducing recidivism is not on their priority list. They are making money off of human lives in the worst way.

Those who voted and protested against #Sessions knew what he would bring to the DOJ — and we all see it clearly, now. He cares less about #TheNewJimCrow — he is filling campaign financiers requests.

So, the battle for a more just system begins anew. And folks can push for change at the state level, because this administration is not on our side. Our voice, in unison, can make the change — it worked before.

Like the civil rights battle that never ended, neither will this war against injustice. We were warned what might come, but too many failed to heed the warnings when Election Day came — now we all are paying.

You can always do something. Why should advances in fixing the injustice end with a new administration? You can fight back by supporting organizations that are deeply committed to reducing the prison population, like JustLeadershipUSA. If the federal leadership isn’t listening, contact your state officials (remember the administration loves stating their support for states rights. Contact your governor! And contact companies that profit from prison profiteers. #divest #Boycott #call

Here is more resources for how to fight private prison financing. You can let these companies (including your retirement portfolio investors) know you won’t stand for prison-for-profit any longer:

This isn’t the first administration to to fight against injustice — so, we must always choose to fight back.


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