As the world mourns an unconscionable act on our shores, U.S. political leadership continue to deflect action. When the last “worst act” struck this nation, the presidential candidate chose to enforce the need for a travel ban, because that perpetrator had a foreign name. Now that that body count has been eclipsed by a white male (the more common profile of mass shooter), where is the solution? Where is the bi-partisan call to re-think gun policies in America?

No, that won’t work. The solution is to dust off the same old script used by press secretary and politician, alike, to “mournfully” political platitudes & proclaim, “Now is not the time to talk about gun policy. Let’s extend thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.” How does a new president come into power and have his press secretary dust off & play the same broken record, which they NRA-backed party likes to play — and they act like it’s a new song? When will we grab the record off turntable and break it, because WE are tired of hearing it?

“Now is not the time,” says the press secretary. Holding back tears and holding back compassion & voice are incongruent with humanity. Emotional response should lead to a commitment to action of some kind. These politicians — and their surrogates — are shamefully predictable. They count on our fidget-spinner society to forget this tragedy in a few days, while the victims of gun violence — from Las Vegas to Chicago to Newtown — will live with the horror for the rest of their lives. A new tragedy will trump the last one and we will turn our attention away from the in-the-moment urgency to find answers and demand solutions.

We too easily forget there have been solutions all along, but with each tragedy, a solution-less society makes the next tragedy easier to commit. When we had our chance to fix it, politician’s, fueled and financially fed by the gun lobby rejected it. Every excuse politicians make enables the body count to rise. The injured and those killed, leave an indelible impact on our communities killed, but politicians seem to be able to erase the pain — or not feel it at all.


Send a direct message to Congress, via Everytown for Gun Safety. Call them-TODAY & regularly! 202–224–3121

Demands/recommendations: A comprehensive crackdown on access to military-style weaponry. Mandatory background checks for ANY gun purchases. Greater restrictions on gun show sales (why do gun shows exist anyway?). A MODERN database for guns in this land. Mandatory gun safety features. Federally non-negotiable laws that are not allowing ANY weapons beyond handguns for protection (if you want to use military weapons, then join the military!). Give local jurisdictions the right to choose their own, stricter gun laws (conceal/carry worked in the 1800’s; law enforcement shouldn’t have to have duels on our streets with citizens). Curtailing access from known abusers. Stop access to guns by people with diagnosed mental issues. DO something.

It’s ironic that the same politicians who demand citizens should be allowed to carry guns on the streets, into coffee shops & grocery stores, but their offices have buttressed security, magnetometers & they don’t allow guns into where they legislate or hold conventions. Like Healthcare, they have solid coverage, but care less about the condition of those who voted for them. Would they accept the same healthcare that they crafted for us? Why is their health and safety more important than ours? You should be asking them that very question.

We have mourned teachers and innocent children to be killed by guns. We have been shocked to hear of shootings in theaters & workplaces. We have shed tears for law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. We hear of tragic accidents and domestic violence in our homes or down the street. We place magnetometers in schools and concert venues. We search bags and restrict what people can bring onto planes or concert/game venues, but that, evidently, doesn’t stop people from shooting from afar. Congress has witnessed colleagues, Reps. Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise, struck down by people with hate and a weapon. And Congress (and America) cheered & cried when the broken members returned to the legislative chamber — And Congress still did nothing to stem the tide of gun access. People, who would type as the profile of gun-loving Americans were mowed down at a concert. How will they respond to tragedy at their front door? Will they respond like politicians or human beings?

There are politicians who always lament that we have enough laws (as scripted by the NRA). They cry crocodile tears when law enforcement officials are gunned down by civilians — some, who have better weapons than civilians. Their solution to that? Give law enforcement access to military weapons. President Obama stopped that nonsense and this new president reinstated it. Soon after getting into office, this president also issues an #ExecutiveOrder to give greater gun access to the mentally Ill (erasing more Obama-era sensible laws). Just with the gun lobbyists want.

The somber speeches and moments of silence are horribly hollow, when your legislation condones what you feign to mourn. When your actions mute your words you embody hypocrisy. It is unconscionable. Un-Presidential. Un-Congressional. Un-Spiritual. un-Godly. Un-American.

We have had more than enough “next tragedies” to recover from. Are we going to allow Congress and the White House to defer any action to the next one? Or the next one? Or the one after that, perhaps? For an administration that is quick to legislate bans that restrict access to our shores, why is there only warm #ThoughtsAndPrayers when terror is grown at home? Is their final answer, “Good luck with that.”?

The majority of America’s are for more gun regulations, even as politicians say they are honoring the will of the people. That same lie and mis-read of public will was used to defend replace/repeal. The quick retort is, “would your proposal have prevented Sandy Hook (or fill in the tragedy: Pulse; Aurora; Las Vegas; The Next one)? Our answer should be, “Politican, it would have if you had done something BEFORE, besides asking this tired question or made lame excuses! Someting done NOW, will stop something in the future. Now get to work and do something, before we work to replace YOU!”.

Our collective voices have recently led to a major rebuke of their ridiculously drafted health(?)care policy. We spoke loudly and politicians were forced to listen. Will you raise your voices again (and again) to stand up against politicians who are careless with our lives?

Shooters aren’t alone in their actions, they bring the entire chain of actors with them behind the trigger: the manufacturer; the seller; the policy maker who made it possible to acquire the weapon; the persons who voted for those policy makers; the family member who saw, but ignored the warnings. Somebody has to get tired of the trail. When will you say, ENOUGH!?


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