Disenfranchisement - One Slice at a Time

Arkansas new push to remove people off of its healthcare rolls should come as a surprise. President Clinton (of Hope, AR) signed off on the bipartisan “welfare-to-work” solution, which was another update on the “welfare queen” image created by President Reagan. Making it hard for the poor to get support can become a bipartisan affair. Never mind that corporations, farmers and others are given government support routinely, and without much political interference — unless it gets exposed enough to create public outcry that prompts change.

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This Arkansas solution, or some variation, could have gone nationwide, faster; had the House returned to the GOP. This stipulation for “low-income people” is easily to people of color — especially in southern state, like Arkansas. If this proves fiscally successful there, other states (particularly, GOP-led states) will attempt to implement the same, or similar, policies.

There is a fixation with demonizing the pooAnd, as more states legalize marijuana, 45 is recommending states use drug testing to determine eligibility for unemployment insurance. https://www.nelp.org/news-releases/trump-administrations-proposal-allow-states-drug-test-unemployment-insurance-applicants/

The Administration has had its base riled up about a border, without addressing real immigration issues. They want voters to fear these people coming in and taking jobs and services from Americans — false & trumped up. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people become “illegal immigrants” when they visit America and overstay their visas. Those trying to gain entry at the borders are doing it the right way — but their complexion is at the root of their being denied access.

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Stripping away healthcare and unemployment insurance payouts are just part of the way this administration and his party will cover the $1-trillion+ payout to corporations, which simply balloons our debt. This is their way to undo the national social safety net — one state & one policy at a time. It’s subtle, like gerrymandering & judgeships & letting lesser-known political appointees gain positions of power.

Loss of power happens when AG’s, judges & other political positions get filled without competition — no one is paying attention. Big distractions give cover to subtle shifts of power. When people find out the wrong-doing, it’s too late to UNdo and it takes a long time to repair. Then, folks complain that, “the system doesn’t work”. Nope, it works perfectly well for those who created it and work night & day make it work for them. We have to work equally hard, even though we out number the system manipulators.

It’s no wonder that MLK Poor People’s Campaign of 1967–68, was the breaking point for those who were fighting against the word “All”, found in the phrase liberty and justice for all. They wanted no parts of it and conspired to crush, destroy & kill King and that dream. The people are speaking up and organizations, like Movement for Black Lives, Women’s March, March for Black Women, the Poor People’s Campaign (reboot), BYP100, UndocuBlack, & Indigenous People’s & Immigrant Rights movements are growing. Some people emboldened & some are feeling threatened (or seek to define having a voice as being a threat).

The wave/shift of this past election is scaring folks (again). The people are speaking out, marching, calling, writing & voting. That’s the type of activism that we need to see more of, in these times.

Silence = Consent.

Stop being silent.



I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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