Defending Justice — by Every Means

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It will be interesting to hear (not watching) the optics of the Washington football team (with the racist name), who’s owner has supported 45’s racism, bigotry & misogyny & San Francisco 49ers team, which is committed to justice.

The #40MilDollarSlave strategy is real, but it is applied to the majority of the populations, at all income levels. Since sports dominate American culture, year-round, intimidating the protestors becomes as visible as public hangings.

For athletes and celebrities to take a stand that challenges the status quo is a clear and present danger to the keepers of the status quo. Most will resist it, even if resistance goes against their moral fiber — if properly intimidated. Money matters and their money is not to be messed with.

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Let’s be crystal clear to #TakeAKnee has NEVER been about disrespecting anything; it was always about respecting human life. The deceivers will continue to mislead the people, through repetitive false narratives. The disinformation campaign has been effectively confusing the gullible. Therefore, the truth & accusative narratives must be repeated as often — if not more frequently.

The attempt to wear down justice fighters isn’t new, but the weary persevered: Harriet; Rosa; Harry; Martin; Malcolm; the Memphis sanitation workers; the Montgomery bus boycott citizenry; #NationalActionNetwork; the protestors in St. Louis; #BlackLivesMatter; #ColorOfChange #StandingRock; #WomensMarch; #MoralRevival; #MarchForBlackWomen; #Dreamers & #DACAdefenders; #Indivisible; etc.

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The traditional playbook of any oppressor is to deceive enough people to support the mission of the oppressor. They will Work to suppress any and all fights for justice — and all fighters. The strategies include, but aren’t limited to:

Voter suppression & intimidation;

Public shaming & humiliation (e.g. publicly posting the names & addresses of protestors; benching/fining players & employees who buck the systems);

Validate & empower bigots & racists;

Attack laws that support the vulnerable, voiceless & least of us;

Ignoring racist acts in communities & on campuses;

Deny full support to people in need (who don’t represent your core allies);

Hire people to dismantle or deconstruct previously sound legislative policies;

Endorse police abuse through silent permission-giving;

Deceive citizens by demonizing others and making them targets;

Distract by manipulating news & news cycles;

Promote misinformation at all levels of government & across sectors.

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The list goes on and those who know better, understand this evil game. Don’t lose heart in the fight. Take rest, as needed. Lift up those who grow weary. Keep your eyes on the prize — even if it seems far away. Promote accurate narratives. Exercise your civic duties. Leverage your voice and amplify its volume. Teach the gullible & those who are easily duped about the tricks of the enemy . Know there are some who take a stand, by taking a knee — they are not your adversary, unless you have decided to align with hate. If hatred is your friend, you are no friend of mine.


I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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