A Political Holiday Sing-Along — America is Coming to Town!

Dear Washington: You better Watch out-America is Coming to Town! (To the tune Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

Dear Congress:

You better watch out

You may start to cry

Don’t care if you pout

We’re telling you why

America is comin’ to town, (gather ‘round)

We’re making a list

And checking it twice;

We already see who’s naughty and nice

America is comin’ to town!

We know that we’ve been sleeping.

But, now we’re wide awake!

You’re policies are more bad than good,

We’ll vote ‘cause goodness is at stake!

You need to watch out!

Don’t care if you cry!

We’ll vote you OUT,

We’re tellin’ you why;

America is comin’ to town!

We’ll march with signs and make phone calls.

We’ll Tweet about you, so get some Tums.

America is comin’ to town!

You lie and vote against us.

While we all sit and stew.

But now we are all boiling mad, and we’re coming after you.

You’ve worked hard to deceive us, while Putin sits in glee.

The world is laughing at us, as Trump sits on his knee.

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Sooooooooo, You better watch out, don’t care if you cry.

Times are changin’ & we’re tellin’ you why.

America is comin’ to town!

(We will fight!)

America is comin’ to town!

(We’ve got your number — 202–224–3121!)

America is comin’ to townnnnnnnnnnnn!

Get ready!

As we celebrate the holiday seasons (irrespective of faith), we know that peace, goodness & goodwill for all should not be limited to one day or holiday. You have been giving the American people lumps of coal for too long.

The majority of Americans disagree with what you are doing, Congress. You’ve had nearly a year to “fix things” that you declared were broken. But, you haven’t done so. Tax policy, healthcare re-set, foreign and domestic policies are in shambles under your Watch. Your political commitments aren’t serving the majority of Americans — no matter how much you tell the “party tale”.

As the employer of elected officials, America must put Congress on a performance probation. This is not a seasonal response, but a demand for change in our government. Policies today have consequences tomorrow — so does their actions. We are watching and we won’t be silent any longer. We have been a bit too complacent, but those days are gone. Alabama is just the beginning…

Here’s an Action List for Americans Demanding Greatness:

  • We will visit district & Capitol Hill Offices.
  • We will do sit-ins.
  • We will march.
  • We will vote in local, national, mid-term and special elections.
  • We will vote for a President, and Congress(wo)man & Senator who will go to Washington to serve America, not self-interests.
  • We will NOT be silent.
  • We will call and voice our opinions -about Congress’ actions and inactions — good and bad — 202–224–3121
  • We will NOT be ignored.

Buckle up, this sleigh ride might get a little bumpy. But we are tired of the political sleight of hand currently underway.

Make a list — The Naughty List of Congress

Make a list of issues you have with our politicians and their policies. Use that list to monitor their practices And critique their work. This is your assignment from now on. If you want change, make it happen. Tell them to fix it or risk being replaced. Use your technology to make change happen. Start with a phone call — 202–224–2131.

Merry Christmas to all and to all — JUSTICE and EQUITY FOR ALL!

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