Dear Democratic Candidate…

With 25 (and counting) Dem Candidates, you all should be flooding the news cycles with condemnation of this administration & educating the public on how we restore our democracy. The GOP pool of candidates condemned 45 & challenges his credibility before. Use their words to show they were right.

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Move in unison about critical issues for this nation that can undermine any/every issue (wages; healthcare; jobs; education; public safety; racism; inequality; political corruption; foreign policy; etc.):

  • Explain the impeachment process.
  • Explain Rule of Law & why it matters.
  • Urge the people to hold their elected officials accountable — no matter the party.
  • Urge the people to get registered to vote.
  • Raise the red flag about our voting systems are in danger.
  • Commit to protecting & securing our votes.
  • -Urge the people to pay attention to the Census.
  • -Urge the people to call their elected officials and DEMAND accountability 202–224–3121.
  • -Urge the people to get involved in state & local politics and decision-making.

‪Folks, like H.R. McMasters, who leave the administration and decide to speak truth are providing more evidence about the corruption in this administration. Those who profit or sit silent are part of what emboldens this president and his enablers behaviors.

We need to be louder & unified. Use your position to apply the pressure to release documents & impeach. #JusticeMustPrevail 202–224–3121.

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This cannot be an ego-driven or water test. Move and activate where you can make the most impact — mayor, Senator, Congress member, Governor, dog catcher. Our democracy is damaged and we need reasonable office holders at all levels. These abortion bills in Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama & Ohio are an example of how wrong-headed states politics are. Commit to repairing this nation — no matter which Dem wins the nomination — before it’s too late!

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Our democracy has been under attack. Slowly, we are hearing about voting machine hacking, but there’s not been dialogue about how. Neither have we heard what is being done to stop it. And worse, are we really sure that the hacking didn’t tilt the election in Florida? Elsewhere? We must demand elected officials — DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN AND INDEPENDENT AND GREEN PARTY — are working to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The warning about this attack and it needs to be a question for pundits. Candidates & elected officials must make this attack an issue for all future elections. Protect our votes.

The libs/progressives need to check the infighting. That doesn’t mean we cede common decency and ignore just, responsible behaviors — that’s what many on the other side has done — but, use strategy to govern words and actions. The enemy is celebrating exposing any weaknesses the DEMOCRATIC Party reveals. Your victory OR DEFEAT is a collective one. That’s how the GOP moves.

At the end, though, #TruthMatters #WordsMatter. Use those moments before the camera to lift up what you HOPE to do, if elected. Tout the strengths of your party and reject the hate, bigotry, racism & lies from the other side. Building a unified coalition, even when there is disagreement, is key to defeating the REAL ENEMY.

Dear people: Do your jobs! Get registered. We are under attack. When we all vote, we can change the world. Plug into resources (national and local) that are committed our keys to victory:

She The People

Indivisible Guide

Black Voters Matter

When We All Vote

Color of Change

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