Crocodile Tears

Senator Lindsey Graham fights back tears in defense of his friend, Senator John McCain.

He should be crying as he witnessed some of the worst of humanity rearing up and attacking people. He should also cry in shame for the creating one of the worst #HealthCareLESS bills devised. The followers of this party represent the worst of us — and it starts at the top. The crude behavior of 45 (before and since election) is disgusting. Graham should be upset about the vitriol directed towards another human being — and an American veteran.

Graham should be in tears for the heartless bill he co-wrote — and watching security drag people out of their contrived hearing — including paralyzed and ill people. He should be upset about hearing a sitting president call protestors SOB’s.

His tears should fall, in anger, when Americans in Puerto Rico are suffering and their president tweets about their debt to Wall Street. Tears without righteous and just action are meaningless, however.

The sheer arrogance of Graham, Cassidy, 45, and the 49 senators who continue to support #KillBills. They ran — and won — against a false narrative about the current healthcare bill (death spiral; on the verge of collapse; death panels; etc.). They ran with the promise of a coherent and better healthcare bill. They are totally ignoring the MAJORITY of American citizens. People voted on their “repeal/replace” mantra — although the people soundly reject their toxic replacement concoction.

The 52 senators have arrogantly worked against a sound healthcare alternative — and have been fighting against it for seven years. Each bill proposed, this year, has been progressively worse.They, reluctantly, hosted one public hearing, in a tiny hearing room, to appease the process-focused colleagues. People were verbally disrespected. People were physically harmed. People were arrested.

We should all be in tears at the loss of respect and moral decency in this country. Convert those tears to better civic engagement. Make sure your people are registered to vote. Be committed to all elections (local; state; federal) until we get people in office who understand their role and what PUBLIC SERVICE means. We see what the opposite looks like very clearly.

Black, Brown & Native people are systematically disrespected in this land. The most egregious example (and there are many) is the recent response the residents of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. It’s bad enough to focus on a divisive along Mexico’s border (even as they recover from a devastating earthquake), but to virtually ignore the American citizens trapped in Puerto Rico is absolutely criminal. This insensitivity is comparable to the horrible response following Hurricane Katrina and the levee break in the Lower 9th ward/New Orleans.

Instead of extending the necessary energy towards rescue/recovery efforts for our citizens within the Caribbean, Congress wants to meet a procedural deadline to kick people off healthcare. The president wants to pick fights with the NFL.

What type of lives have they led, which has produced such heartless behavior? We should be concerned. We see through false and deceptive policies and practices and our witness should make us more discerning from now one. Choose your elected officials wisely — and hold them accountable. Lives depend on it. The Congressional switchboard number is your direct link to your Congress rep and your senator. It should be on your speed-dial, because it connects to your wages, healthcare, education, safety, infrastructure and much more. We have to live with what they legislate, so we should demand they legislate wisely.

202–224–3121 — your voice matters. Your vote counts.



Take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree. Just don’t be disagreeable. TW: @congosdad

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Take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree. Just don’t be disagreeable. TW: @congosdad