Crazy is as Crazy Does

Everybody keeps talking about the unconventionality of this president. Erratic behavior is credited to his unique persona. Lies are dismissed by saying, “all politicians lie.” Irrational tweets and protestations get checked off as “Trump being Trump.” When will people finally call out crazy for what it is? That “special family member” cannot continue to be allowed to live in the basement (or White House) untreated.

You don’t need to be credentialed to diagnose narcissism, self-promotion or plain old crazy. Common sense and a moral compass makes you well-equipped to figure it out. Some suggested that the latest musings from president-crazy is the recent NYTimes reporter, Michael Schmidt’s impromptu interview . Some of his peers have suggested that Schmidt failed to do his job. They argue that he should have challenged the parade of lies, misinformation and incoherence coming from the president of this nation.

History, though, has proven that when challenged (like most egotistical bullies will do, 45 would have just walked away. Without a live video recording, 45 would have spun his hasty departure to make him sound good and make NYT the failing disaster he often calls it. We see how he and his latest sadly loyal press sec will spin, contort and make up stuff (that must be in the press sec job description). To challenge him too much will run him and his minions to the media safe haven, AKA FauxNews.

I think that Schmidt was brilliant to just let the tape play, then let us “hear” it. Crazy and ignorance reveals itself in time — this is just the latest example of crazy & ignorance in action.

The interview is a frightening treasure trove for the post-presidency analysis and psychological assessments that are sure to come — if we survive. By playing the tape, it’s up to the pundits, professionals and the rest of the population can — and should — - assess what they read. Manipulation? Shrewd politicking? Smoke and mirrors? An odd call for help? Fake news? He will lie about the smallest things, but at what point will you call it a lie or dismiss it as “him just being him”?

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Many, like NPR, will review the interview for days to come and draw their own conclusions. The lies are abundant and clear. Exercising some simple discernment and using the simplest fact-checking should be enough for you — unless you are content with being sheeple. Its amazing to witness those who will opt out of truth, because of their own commitment to crAzy. The politicians who follow, see the mental disconnect and decide to enable. What type of mad-man-made disaster will get them to admit what they already know? Will we be around to wave the wise finger of “I Told You So”?

What’s clear from the last year is that this man is more dangerous than someone suffering from CTE — his brain is twisted. The delusion is real. And he has the nuclear codes while he vacations frequently. Period.

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Happy New Year.

I’m praying — are you?

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