Compassion begins at Home

So, members of Congress & this president are in unison with selective condemnation of the atrocities taking place in Syria and elsewhere. Seeing children and adults be poisoned by their leaders & in their own homeland is unconscionable. Yet, they fail to see the irony of calling out this disregard for human life elsewhere, while working toc reject President Obama’s attempt to save lives here through the #ACA. Then, they conveniently forget that they rejected direct action against Syria, during the last administration, when similar chemical atrocities and war were just as visible. This president recently stated that he changed his view on Syia’s president — but Asad’s cruelty was well documents, so what changed, besides his decision to blame someone else?

Those who want to show compassion about what is clearly a horrible act of poisoning people — including children — forget what their policies do to kill people here. It’s a slow or immediate poising of people, when you withhold care based upon what they can afford. You are committing atrocities when you allow corporations chose who lives and dies. They won’t admit to being complicit when their policies here are killing people.

Our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley went before the UN with images of children who were gassed in Syria. Imagine if another country’s ambassador appeared before the UN with images of the people with HIV and AIDS, who didn’t matter to Haley during her governorship. What if another country displayed the Black & brown lives that have been struck down through state-sanctioned violence. Then, another country displays images of people who are adversely impacted by our government’s healthcare policies, where zip codes determine longevity. And, yet another country displays how U.S. gun policies allow heinous situations like the mass killings of our Sandy Hook (see their faces) or worshippers at Mother Emanuel in Charleston (remember their faces) to happen.

We need to stop feigning disgust when we see the specks in the eyes of others, while ignoring the huge planks in our own eyes. If all lives matter, and these elected officials are committed to America, they should act like it.

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