Collateral Damage from The Hate U Give

No one is exempt from hate. People who think they are “safe” seem to forget (or ignore) how collateral damage works. It’s not targeted. One person might send the bomb to a specific address, but who knows where the bomb may detonate. The bomber, or sender of other hazardous materials, like ricin, doesn’t know who might intercept the package or who is standing next to the target when the package is opened.

The shooter may have a target, who but doesn’t know who might be standing nearby or who might be visiting the school, home, workplace that day — at that time. Collateral damage has no defined target.

We are all reeling from the recent hate crimes. That’s what collateral damage is. We worship. We receive mail. We shop. We attend schools — or send our kids to schools. We dine out. We work. We live. We (young and old) shouldn’t be targeted & harassed at picnics, while selling water, when dining, or as we enter our building. We shouldn’t be killed in our own homes. Our race or faith or gender should not be a target. Our desire for safety for ourself or family, shouldn’t be penalized or falsely accused of being dangerous.

There is always collateral damage from war, terror & hate — physical and/or psychological. That’s what terrorism does. None of us are safe until we value the safety of all of us. True faith would have no room for this state of the union.

You might not be the target of the terrorist or that hate-filled individual (or group), but you could be the next target of the next terrorist. No one is exempt from being intended or collateral damage. As we have been warned, before, first they came for

NYCongressional candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wh the republicans have tried to demonize, tweeted the definitive question, “Imagine if it was ISIS that sent bombs to US officials, started shooting in grocery stores, and invading places of worship. How do you think this administration would respond? & why is the response so different when those same terrorist acts are committed by white supremacists?”

America should be asking that of the elected & appointed officials & those running for office. They pledge to serve and protect the nation & its Constitution. They are quick to condemn foreign terrorists, yet, become silently complicit when radicalized hate rumbles at home. Ask those who are running for office, who will they serve. Their ads, speeches and those who endorse them say a lot. Lately, their party & the voice of their presidential choice tells a lot as well. ‪His words have global impact and they are killing people at home and abroad. #RealPatriots should be outraged about all of it.




I will not give in to hate — nor, do I want to be a victim, through collateral damage, because of the hate you embrace and give. (yes, see the movie, too). Let the debate on hate lead to a honest conversation about the isms plaguing our society.

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