Can’t Touch This

There was a lot glossed over or under-reported during the presidential race. The pundits, politicians & public tap-danced around misinformation and seemed afraid to call lies as such, or even question inaccuracies in reporting from their rivals. 45 LIED about President Obama’s place of birth for years, and politicians and FOX enabled it — without condemnation; even after the lie was exposed. It seems that the only major journalist punished for lying, of late, was Brian Williams. The fake “witness” account was stupid — he knows it didn’t happen! Yet, he’s been forgiven.

Face it, with Politifacts and Snopes, You have some pretty decent access to validation for what you see or hear (even if not always perfect or definitive) — if you are receptive to facts & prefer the truth. Conspiracy theorist and conservative BFF, Alex Jones, got smacked in court and had to admit that he’s not a journalist but a “performer”. The big news outlets have seen the error of their irresponsible ways and they are trying to clean up their acts — it’s about time. Even the FOX NEWS folk are trying to shake-up things. Sean Hannity is begging for friends because his deception is getting exposed. He doesn’t want to go down like his buddy Bill O’, who is still trying to get “vindicated” for his vile acts. Money/advertisers are the life blood of these false prophets, so when the money’s gone, they will be too (or have a revelation). Media Matters is gonna push on Sean’s money train like Color of Change pushed against the Bill O’ money. If you want truth, govern yourselves accordingly.

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But, even when lies are exposed, there will be some folks who remain loyal to the liars. Still, FOX might be the next outpost seeking truth within the empire built on lies.

The motives of some actions are evident and in plain sight. Believe who you want, but facts through acts should be treated as such. When members of your family reject you, we should be mindful of their motivation.

We should pay attention to truth, not spin. What you see isn’t random.

For a person who clearly craves attention and adoration, these are not the headlines he wants to see. Imagine the response of 45 and his party, if this type of obvious home-grown discord was on public display during the last administration. The fact that people are “leaking” information on the shenanigans represents true patriotism — on dictators demand loyalty. The leakers are the type of whistle-blowers we need, not people who keep secrets that can threaten our nation. Those who disparage those who seek truth should be investigated, too. Who’s side are you on?

45's relationships (with family, world despots, political lackeys; etc) aren’t functional or healthy. What we are witnessing via the myriad investigations, statements and budget proposals isn’t healthy for this nation. We should be awake to the truth by now. If you are not, the question isn’t what’s wrong with him; what’s wrong with you?

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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