Cam’s Faux Pas Brings Faux Protest

I mean, really! For anyone who complains about #CamNewton’s silly statement, ask them if they voted for or support 45 or politicians like this dude. I would expect an older player/worshipper is the sport, who is locked in the stereotype of who knows the game having some surprise at the depth of her knowledge, but women in these roles ain’t new. Some seasoned sports-aholics. might find it “amusing” that a woman is “talking sports” so well, but, Cam, and those of his era, should be beyond it. Cam grew up with women emerging as commentators.

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It is ironic that #JourdanRodrique’s. racist words are now in the spotlight, but his picture is below the headline — again, selective demonization. It’s all a convenient diversion, since football (actually, players who #TakeAKnee for racial justice) is the new evil. And the #CarolinaPanthers coach and sports folks are offended by Cam’s sexist statement — the same folks who have women/cheerleaders paraded in front of millions almost nightly? Really?

And is the #charlotteobserver going to address their employees “old racist tweets”, as @dannon decides to punish Cam Newton?

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Have sponsors pulled their dollars and publicly condemned & permanently pulled their support from 45’s myriad racist and sexist comments? Nope, they, at best, wag their finger, and privately fund his work.

Media will continue to condemn and demonize. Note, how the headline exposes the racist shenanigans of the reporter, but the Black man gets the photo op.

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Cam’s handlers of his money and managers of his persona have gotten him to apologize — it’s what they do; save the brand at all costs! But, I now have another reason to stop buying #Dannon & stick with @chobani (which has been demonized for its GOOD WORK by American nativists in the past).

Quick assignment: For those who feign horror about Cam’s misstep, ask them If they voices the outrage at 45 taking about Kaep & his mom? How many endorsements got pulled from 45, who’s influence and impact is global? Exactly.

Ironic this is the way a lone football player is vilified, days after Hugh Hefner was celebrated — global misogyny venerated for a man with a man-castle and bunnies.

Cam will be alright. He will lose some money, though. He should invest wisely, find some good community work to invest in & stay healthy. He (and owners and peers and fans) could stand some sensitivity training. It will be buried by the next, big news soon enough (the “calm before the storm”, some call it). I hope Cam, and others in the game of life, understand that words matter — although they don’t seem to matter to the President of the United States.

I’m still boycotting the @NFL, though. #BlackLivesMatter (STILL)

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