But, The “Family” Screwed My Nation!

We now understand why the business practices of 45 are constantly being audited — and he’s tried to run this nation like his businesses. What’s said in interviews and on paper demand independent investigations in order to uncover the real story. Privately held enterprises aren’t reporting to the public or a more impartial board of directors, so the words of the loyalists (especially ride or die family members) must be tested against the rule of law — always.

Similarly, when people are loyal to their political party, they risk “family” bias, which may cloud rational thinking — but we cannot afford to allow it to adversely impact national matters. Too many believe their party is “family” and you don’t speak ill of the family — especially in public. Yet, when you run against family for a political seat, you might get nasty and say some things, but when the battle is over, all is forgiven — including the questions of qualification and ethics. That rationale is what I’ve hated about politics — winning the race doesn’t ignore the truths revealed on the global stage. Yet, we witnessed that during the last presidential campaign in ALL-CAPs reality shows (aka debates).

In business, that philosophy of family first might seem critical, because, when egregious behaviors are made public, the enterprise could crumble. However, we cannot afford to allow the party/family loyalty mantra to remain in our political systems — not if you really want to drain the swamp. That type of loyalty — even to swamp muck — could, literally, dismantle a city, state or nation.

Yes, that political family loyalty runs deep. It’s like racism, we know it’s there, most feel it will always be there, so you can’t do anything about it. But, hey, that’s the rule of law for old-school politicians, right? And, we see it clearly in the 24 day old administration — yea, the one that ran on not being beholden to the politics as usual muck. And, the political family that questioned qualifications and ethics of 45 for the past year, now want to “move on” as they witness their deepest fears and criticisms come into the global spotlight. 45 and his party demanded investigation for the slightest whiff of impropriety from the Obama Administration and Sec. Clinton’s work, but suddenly silent or hinting at “private investigations” and declaring Flynn acted “alone”. Never mind that the Russian cloud has hung over this administration since it was merely a candidacy. So, now, thanks to family loyalty and, bi-partisan fears of more muck coming to light, folks tap-danced around the clear and present dangers. Our reward for ignoring enough clear evidence of impropriety to sink any other campaign ship (unless it’s supported by foreign Watergate players)? Today’s headlines. I don’t care what cousin Stephen Miller says, no family is 100% right all the time and no family member is deserving of absolute rule. Your bigotry didn’t belong in high school and it won’t be tolerated in our land.

We see what many are calling the greatest American scandal since Watergate (produced by the same party, btw) all over the media (aka fake news in the eyes of 45 and the minions). Ironic that Watergate included recordings & hacking too — but, these antics were conducted by “others”, so it was dismissed as inconsequential and didn’t impact the final outcome (the outcome that didn’t conform to the popular vote tally) — and by the same party that brought us hanging chads.

So now it’s time for us to be loud and clear: NO, we will NOT move on from known criminal and, potentially, treasonous acts — no matter the rank of the perpetrator(s) and their party affiliation. When the political family screws the nation, we must speak up.

I hope you’re calling your elected officials and reminding them that you are part of the AMERICAN family and that trumps any party. Call them and demand a thorough INDEPENDENT investigation NOW. And, MUST include a full disclosure of all of the business dealings of 45 and his family that is involved with the administration. More chips will, indeed fall, but that is what must happen to keep our nation safe, thriving and great! Call now, call often. 202–224–3121. Our dirty laundry is getting exposed and we are finding more are wearing it proudly.

And, for those who choose to remain loyal to the family (administration) that’s built on deception, lies and collusion with a foreign adversary, you may be family by birth, but you are un-American and, frankly, delusional. Stand up Family, our home & legacy is at stake. This is OUR House, Senate & White House.

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