#TaxReform is more important than Booze, Women & Children

‪The #TaxScam is patently unconscionable. But, the mentality of senators, like Senator Orrin Hatch, illuminate how they reach such conclusions. They question our priorities, while lavish on their own — we should have shared priorities, right? They why are only about 1/3 of Americans support the #taxreform they insist we need? How do they sleep at night? More importantly, how are WE letting them sleep at night?

Elected officials have a really distorted perception of real people. Senator. Hatch thinks we don’t care about children and have misplaced priorities.

Meanwhile, Senator Grassley thinks working people are fixated on “booze, women and movies.”

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Those sentiments — combined with a need to keep their wealthy donors happy — help shape their policy-making. Funding for our healthcare, education, taxes rests on their shoulders. The 51 senators, 227 congress members & the current administration should be ashamed for thinking we are so gullible that we think the current majority has our best interest at heart. Any really #patriots and people with a conscious sees through their strategies & will tell congress NO.

They should receive daily tweets (here’s how), calls (202 — 224 — 3121), letters and emails from those of us who see the insensitivity and inhumanity of their actions. Why aren’t we speaking up more? ‬

These Republiteas have done their best to distort public opinion about the poor for years. The “welfare queen” script, crafted by Republitea icon, President Reagan, (also the last author of trickle-down economics) has been dusted off again. Their coveted tax plan is built on lies and false assumptions about Americans.

Why are their legislative “victories” won at the expense of the American people? They expect to run their legislation right over the least of us. They have showed who’s side they’re on — their donors. But, they haven’t heard the roar of the righteous, women, social justice activists & the #PoorPeoplesCampaign yet.

51 members of the senate endorsed this #taxhike for the wealthy.

227 members of congress endorsed this #taxscam.

The #Republitea Party loves dog-whistle strategies that play on race, class and gender. You see the injustice. You can easily identify the unjust legislators. There are 278 Congress members and one person in the White House who legislate and vote against the majority of us. Who’s side are you on? Will you say something now? And somebody, please call and educate your cousins in Alabama!

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#PeopleOfFaith #RiseUp #Resist #SilenceIsConsent #LockThemUp

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