Board of (Mis)Education

So, former #Texas school board member, Cynthia Dunbar, has published textbook about #MexicanHeritage, that insults the Mexican people, with her perception of history and facts.

This isn’t the first time that misinformation for our children has originated in the Texas textbook system. Remember how McGraw-Hill tried to rewrite the realities of slavery? A parent caught it and it hit social media. She complained about the history book that called, “’African slaves ‘workers’ and ‘immigrants.’” It got people’s attention and it was changed. It should have never been printed, but some seem to think they make things up and no one will question it. Wrong.

The volume of books Texas needs for its system (second to California) gives them a lot of clout — and it’s dangerous to accuracy in education, when they decide to create their own version of history. The NEA is concerned. We should all be concerned. It’s no wonder that our children are growing into uninformed or misinformed adults, when you have inaccurate educational tools being pumped out each year. Who’s at the Texas State Education board? A smiling group of folks who contribute to your child’s education in ways we don’t realize. They should know that accuracy in education is important to you.

Since Cynthia Dunbar is from the Texas system, they would probably give her some insiders preference — unless people speak up and out. The school instructional resource business she runs, Momentum Instruction, poses the question, “Does your school deserve better materials?” Absolutely, but they won’t come from people who harbor this type of philosophy. As info, “Dunbar made news for another book she wrote called One Nation Under God: How the Left is Trying to Erase What Made Us Great, in which she calls public education tyrannical and a ‘tool of perversion.’”

To malign a people or revise history, through inaccurate instructional materials and school education is, indeed, perverse — and unacceptable.

Everyone should be outraged that some educators are perpetuating inaccurate narratives, negative stereotypes and racism. Texas-approved books often make their way into all systems, and they tend to want to rewrite history.

We should, collectively, be sick of this and demand change. This company should know that Dunbar’s philosophy and revisionist history is unacceptable:

If you agree, let them know.

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