Be careful what you ask for…

‪#DearMrPresident, CONGRATS! you got your special prosecutor! And, as the onion gets peeled back, we learn that dubious shenanigans have been underway well before the election (and since, too). I’m still trying to figure out what part of this that politicians and party loyalists don’t get? Is it denial or delusion? For the seasoned politicians, are they afraid they risk breaking the democracy by removing the president from office? Let’s be clear, we have had presidents removed before and we are still here. We will be alright.

What’s screwing us up is how this story line drags on. And on. The multitude of lies from this administration should have been called out & condemned long before Comey & special prosecutors were introduced to this Scandal-esque reality show. Even before the election. Those who laughed the lies off or fueled them are partially blamed for these headlines. The Republitea party is even on a recording, laughing, amongst their political “family”, about the president being “paid” by Russia. They, sadly, are part of the cover-up, so their credibility is equally nil.

Let’s not forget that the Republiteas were against this president, too — until he, alternative facts & Russian intervention, contributed to confusing and disgusting the electorate. They have whispered, amongst themselves, about their inept leader, while publicly defending him. That makes them enablers. That makes them complicit. They, too, deserve the blame and condemnation.

Republiteas are co-conspirators in this embarrassing series of unfortunate, but clearly avoidable, events. The political pros were more concerned about the prospects of losing their rubber-stamping president than the literal undoing of American values and respectable status. They were fixated on undoing any aspects of the eight years of Hope and Change. They felt this leader was their passport to a new day. Yes, they got a seat on the Supreme Court and they, kinda, repealed/replaced the ACA — but was this worth it? All they want to do is win, win, win. They didn’t care about U.S. — and it shows. And we see it-clearly.

Three federal level investigations are not an arbitrary exercise. This isn’t funny, nor is it acceptable. Yet, we need government accountability — even if its court ordered. Let the subpoenas, indictments & politicians fall where they may.

Yes, “This is insane.” And we will survive it, but we shouldn’t be here. Nobody, in a democracy, is supposed to be here. Glad that #Trevornoah #rolandsmartin #maddow ‬#amjoyshow #johnoliver #chrishayes and others are still telling the truth. #TruthMatters

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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