Anyone who had a heart…

For a politician, for a human being to think think slashing over $800billion from our health safety net is ok is insane. For the candidate, turned president, to flip campaign promises to outright deception, through horrible policy is not OK. This is what evil looks like. It was evident that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) wasn’t going to be kind about their assessment of the AHCA (Americans Held from Care Act). The bill was crafted to hurt people — and help the wealthy (those lobbyists and others who supported their elections). That is why the bill was rushed to a vote and approved without getting the requisite CBO review. Now, we know the horrible reality of what the president and 51 members of congress cheered about on that fateful day.

They, literally, applauded cutting an estimated 23 million people from healthcare rolls. Up to 14 million may be impacted as soon as next year, if this survives. People with a heart — and any degree of humanity — wouldn’t do this.

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And, with all of the politicsl lies and spin woven — and being unraveled, daily — they cannot deny how they voted. You should remember their choices, too. Because, even if the senate “improves” upon what came from the house, they have all been complicit in harming or threatening to harm Americans — including the most vulnerable. A nation “under God” would never cheer harming & turning your backs on the least of His.

These folks want to dismiss the CBO numbers as false (created under leadership they selected, mind you). The “revised” numbers only added an estimated 1mil people on the healthcare rolls. So, even if these numbers are wrong, will the final number be worse? What would be acceptable figures for them? What about for you? How much more will this help the wealthiest? Who will be hurt when you remove $800Billion from the health coverage for our most vulnerable? How can any human being think any cuts like this are OK?

There is an concerted effort to dupe the American people by repeating lies as truts. The world, and a growing number of us, see through this poorly created facade. Some people continue to hold out for the majority party to get better, although they continuously grow worse and more complicit in the charade. Some will still hold true to “their guy”, even while he trashes them all at every turn. Calling them inept would be a compliment — they are so much worse. I say “they” because he has a small army of yes people (politicians; pundits; children; advisors) who are advocating and/or shaping this evil agenda.

If you are complacent about the evil and the steady steam of lies what we are are hearing witnessing, then you are being complicit. If the CBO numbers are wrong, how wrong are they? 5%? 10%? 25%? We should be up in arms, because the possible inaccuracy is bad — no matter which direction the estimates are revised. People are still suffering.

We cannot allow this to become our status quo — America is so much better than this. Remind Congress who they work for — and that working against us, or those we care about, is NOT acceptable. 202–224–3121

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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