And the Troops will make us Free

What’s next for an administration that has:

1) bulldozed into action by executive order (a tool that was vilified by his party when his predecessor used it), variations on campaign promises;

2) replaced “lies” with “alternative facts”;

3) scrubbed social justice from the White House Website;

4) threatened to send troops into an American city;

5) pouted that his crowd size isn’t being accurately counted;

6) issues gag orders on federal agencies to silence data distribution about climate facts and who knows what else?

They will continue to offer alternative facts that some people will continue to, sheepishly believe (ignoring all of the lies that have been told on the campaign and since inauguration). They will continue to bury truths or deflect. They will keep the support of their party that seems to be more fearful of losing votes than their integrity. They will ignore simple, human dignity.

For example, sending the Feds into Chicago is not a long term solution for Chicago violence — getting to root causes matter. Ironically, he, the NRA and their staff in Congress aren’t calling for more guns in Chicago, are they? Based upon their policy stances, we will only make our cities safer when there is more access to guns, right. Ohhhhh, guess they mean more access to badged gun owners — just for Chicago and other carnage-ridden wastelands. Why aren’t they pressing for more guns in the “inner city” as they are elsewhere? The candidate for secretary of education sees guns as a viable safety solution in schools (for bear management, too). He’s not talking about the thousands of deaths (mostly caused by guns) across our country each year, just when the mass numbers get attention.

Much of the headline making violence in Chicago — and other. cities — are a result of persistent racism, that has gone on for years.

People didn’t trust the police because of the acts that were uncovered by the last Justice Department in Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore — and rightfully so. His threat to send the Feds in is a good sound bite for those ignoring the ugly truth of how police have harassed communities for years — that seems to be ignored. This “solution” means:

1) Round up people. Racial profiling.

2) Break up already damaged homes. More dysfunction

3) Traumatized people even further. And ignoring the effects of trauma already inflicted.

4) Ignoring the justice departments rulings and resurgence of trampling over civil & human rights.

5) Displacing indigenous citizens; previously done with false promises of government Hope VI redevelopment projects across the country — remember Cabrini Green —

6) Developers will buy land for pennies on the dollar — not community-based or community focused, but market-driven displacement.

Read between the sound bites.

We probably won’t hear the negative outcomes much, because he’s implementing gag orders on agencies. We should all be concerned by that — while the democracy lasts.

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