An Unconscionable America

I can hear the cries of our ancestors, as households were torn apart. Couples separated. Children ripped from their parents arms. People without any idea of what was next. Families who didn’t know the languages shouted at them. They didn’t know if they would see their loved ones again. Lives were forever changed. They prayed for better.

Imagine the families in Europe, who were ripped from their homes & businesses. Think about the fear and terror as families were split apart & taken to concentration camps to uncertain fates.

Some people seeking refuge in the U.S. are finding that Lady Liberty has had her torch extinguished and the famed words of Emma Lazarus erased. The colossal failure of everything we, imperfectly stood for.

People are being turned away from the “one nation under God.” Let that sink in. Let it fester like the wound it places on the flesh of this land. Each human thread unraveled from this painstakingly woven fabric of humanity makes this place uglier and uglier.

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People are disgusted at what we witness from this administration. Chris Hayes reported on the manifestation of this evil And no White House Chief of Staff, JOHN Kelly, separating a child from a parent isn’t “a tough deterrent”. Is this how you practiced discipline in your home? Would you want this for your own children — or their children. It is inhumane. This is torture & terror. And, human torture & terrorism violates international laws.

With each new headline, I wonder: Where are the people of human conscious in this government? When did it become OK to ignore truth and facts? Where is the church in this? Where are the true Americans? One child separated from her/his parent, is too many. No matter how you attempt to spin it, you cannot justify traumatizing children — or parents. This is what deplorable looks like.

Who raised you to be so evil?

There are employees of America telling parents seeking asylum here, “Your kid is going to go to a shelter,” and, “You’re going to jail.”

Who are these people and what in their upbringing trained them to be so unapologetically heinous in their profession?

202 — 224 — 3121 is the Capitol Hill Switchboard

If you have any compassion any possession of human kindness, you will call your representatives and your president. Tell them you are outraged. Leave a message, if they don’t answer. Flood their inboxes with your opposition to the policies that erase any semblance of truth and justice in this land.

Call your employees (Congress) and demand they stop this domestic/international terrorism.

This is an administration that allegedly honors “values families”. But, their policies and practices are the anthesis of sound values of any type. This is from the depths of evil and no human being, with any morals or human heart, would embrace doing these deeds to fellow human beings. No person of faith — or in possession of common decency — would condone this behavior. At. ALL.

Civilized nations don’t lose children. Nor does a civilized nation allow its children to die without taking action.

May the words of Emma Lazarus be revived in this land. We need to remember that this words promised a better Land than what this administration is offering. We have the inalienable right to reject any and all of it. More than half the country rejects this administration — we still need more.

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You Don’t “Whatever” Children

In the end, the number of lives lost in African slave trade and in the Holocaust were in the millions. Those forever terrorized are milllions more. Both horrible epochs in history began with a few people, led and empowered by people who ranked human life. But, that started with a few people who emboldened a few more people to commit those acts— in the beginning. Many have been traumatized and harmed because of our justice and immigration policies. That, too, only started with a few people, empowering a few people. Imagine where those stories would be if millions more rose up to stop it when it was just a “few people”.

The time to rise is now-before it’s too late.

#ThisIsntAmerica #ThisIsInhumane #ThisIsUnconscionable #ThisIsUnGodly

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