America the Gullible

Another issue is the gullibility of Americans. The lies redistributed as facts are astounding. Someone posts about President Obama being “linked to the Muslim brotherhood” are likely the same gullible souls who believed the lie that he wasn’t US born or that he was Muslim — both raised up by the president and spewed as fact across the media and bias media. It was a ploy to divide people.

Both (among other lies) were, finally, dismissed as lies. When will people stop falling for lies and do some homework that’s not led by closed minds and biases? Ignorance is not bliss — and it’s not a good look for a nation that proclaims liberty and justice for all. We have way too many ways get to facts. It doesn’t take a special prosecutor to get beyond biases and false information, based upon bigotry. We should be beyond that by now — but, we aren’t. Aren’t you sick of the lies? Aren’t you sick of hearing people constantly lie to you in ALL CAPS and get silent when proven (repeatedly) wrong?

We should all expect truth from people who work for us and from the outlets that are supposed to focus on factual information.

FOXNews —

President —

Aren’t you sick of the lies?

Lies at FOXNews —

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