All The President’s Lawyers — and Lies

So, the president’s lawyer tries to validate the growing list of visitors to trump Tower on June 9. Never mind that these are the people who have been trying to keep visitor logs a secret all along. The fact that the Secret Service wouldn’t have needed to do the extra vetting for Jr. is probably why Sr. wasn’t invited to the meeting. The Intelligence community is not going to play this game. All the president’s lawyers and spokespeople frequently get on the air and spin the tall tales, to appease the political base and condemn the enemy. The contrived stories sound plausible to those who just want to believe. Real-time deflection and deception flows freely. But, now, those who the spinners try to blame are speaking out — almost as soon as the lies fly. The Secret Service (and others) are not having it. Any. More.

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Given the latest episode in this never-ending saga, it’s no wonder that there have been attempts to cover up the facts — and visitor names.

But, for Junior.

If there is any reason to feel some degree of optimism, look at how series defenders of this administration, like Charles Krauthammer, cannot carry this charade any further — or it’s beginning to look that way.

He, and other conservative/republiteas are starting to act like they are mad as hell and cannot take it anymore. The Russia-gate allegations are repeatedly dismissed as speculation. Now, the speculation has evolved to verification — thanks to Jr.’s “decision” to be forced into transparency. So, the conserv-opposition is getting some traction — last week anyway. Even Joe Scarborough has converted to become an Independent! There’s hope!

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The polls can deceive, though. Some polls show that 80% of Republiteas still support Sr. But, only about one of four people identify as Republitea. So the bulk of voters aren’t locked in as this administration wants you to think— and his ratings (which mean a lot to him), have dipped to around 36% favorability. That is the lowest standing, in 7o years, for a sitting president — and six months in. That’s got to be devastating for the egomaniacally, self-absorbed, narcissist-in-chief. And he owes it, in part, to his spawn.

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Yea, there have been more than enough reasons to condemn Sr. before now, but he remained supported by his people. The synchronization that comes with turning people against one of our most important institutions — media/journalism — while, concurrently destroying another — the presidency — is stunning. And the lawyers continue to serve their clients without blinking.

The lawyers and spokes-folks have got to be exhausted.

There are the lies. And more lies. And more lies. How many lies and deflections@ are too many — irrespective of party affiliation? When will the republipatriots come to understand that this is not making America great. You have many reasons to contact your Congressional delegations (202–224–3121) and demand they put an end to this horrible reality show, disguised as a real election & administration. This script has been bad since the beginning.

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