After Waters dry & Fires Extinguish…

The people of Texas and Louisiana need resources, after #HurricaneHarvey. Folks spent many summers (including this one) along tropical paradises in the Caribbean, only to see the devastation brought by #HurricaneIrma. We’ll know what happens to Florida and the southeast soon. Miss Irma has stolen #Katia’s “category 1" hit on Mexico thunder and #Jose is picking up steam. Meanwhile, poor regions in Mexico and Guatemala got shaken & flattened by an earthquake. I suspect Mexico will focus on re-building after the storm and hurricane, instead of focusing on a wall they never wanted. Oh yea, and there are those unprecedented fires in the west (too much news to keep up).

#EndOfDays anyone?

Some get spiritually “deep” and talk about the “sudden” onslaught of catastrophes hitting The Americas. We’ve had fires; floods; quakes — no locusts (yet). These disasters aren’t rare for some parts of the world — we just don’t pay as much attention to “others”. Now, you can see it all — even in your back yard — what will you do about it?

Just the Alt-Facts…

We know that there are climate deniers that largely stay loyal to one party and the deregulation-focused dollars that line political pockets. Less restrictions sound good for some, and can easily be packaged as “good” for community, jobs, businesses and America. But the consequences (intended or unintended) don’t get the same attention.

Imagine if large areas are deemed unsafe, based upon recurring weather events, like floods & and other disasters — who pays for relocation? What are the long term risks and who’s caring about that?

You have been warned…

It’s annoying to witness politicians getting camera-ready to declare their commitment to “the people of their great state”, when their policies have helped to nurture the calamitous conditions that we are facing. Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott has been warning his constituents to get out, head for higher, safer ground for the past couple days! Yet, when respected experts have come before him to alert that the dangers of global warming are real, and will have a significant impact on his low-lying state, he dismissed them. He even went so far as to have global warming and climate change language removed from materials as he came into office. Was that his own philosophy or was it pulled feim the political playbook that was written by his party and the likes of the Rush Limbaugh-ish media — deny, deny, deny? And as Limbaugh critiques the “fake media” reporting on the severity of the storm, he didn’t heed his own words, since he evacuated. He, and his followers, could have stayed in South Florida and watched the fake #HurricaneIrma do nothing. They could stay home, not prepare and ride their denial out. That’s what those who stand by their convictions do, right?

I’m tired of folks downplaying things as “100 year” or “1,000 year” events. It means nothing anymore, since this planet isn’t occupied or utilized in the same ways as it was back then. We don’t need to get cozy into thinking this stuff won’t be a problem for us again in our lifetimes — it ain’t over. That timeline works better for insurance actuaries and those of us who don’t what higher premiums, but preventive measures aren’t the default position for many “civil societies” (air quotes intended). YOLO, right?

Say Their Names…

We have storm names etched into our memories, from Andrew & Katrina to Harvey & Irma. Jose is on his way, and there WILL be more to come — not just in 1,000 years or 100 years or even 25 years-tomorrow. The experts have warned about the man-made impact on our environment for years, yet the public seems to want to believe the political deniers and their media megaphones over sound evidence. Rush and Rick Scott, and their party, cannot deny the largest hurricane ever will hit their beloved state. They doubted Al Gore’s message when they voted for the Bush family locally and nationally over Gore’s substantiated warnings for the nation. Is it poetic justice thst the state’s that have been led by the “Bush league” are seeing Gore’s words come to pass?

Before the storm, Miami has had flooding on sunny days. The sun-loving residents didn’t seem to care about the polar caps melting way over there. They had fun and sun, year-round. A little water rise isn’t a big deal — or is it?

What a Floridian Believes…

Perhaps, Floridians (and America) will reflect on their leaders words and policies towards climate change — and other issues — a little more closely now. The consequences of poor healthcare policy has led to some more consciousness raised eyebrows, thankfully. Maybe we will all make decisions to see what other truths are really alternative facts, when politicians speak. The same politicians who have denied climate change have also denied the ACA — think about that. While waiting on clogged highways, and wondering if Jose will keep them away from their homes even longer, maybe folks will reconsider who they listen to for “expert” advice on the climate (and their healthcare, which is another issue of great concern in senior packed Florida). Doesn’t it make sense to expect your experts (physicians; politicians) to know what they are talking about? And, because they are experts, why are you doubting them, Republiteas?

Many Floridians are concerned about getting to safety, and away from a Cat 4/5 storm right now. They are realizing that they are leaving their homes that, at best, are built to withstand a Cat 3 hurricane. Barbuda is gone and #HurricaneJose may come to remove whatever remains in his path.

Texans, Floridians, and the rest of us, should be doing some political soul-searching when it comes to climate change — right now.

Maybe, many will still deny that climate change is real and vote for leaders who dismiss it too. It would seem that the devastation already witnessed should be enough to change some hearts and minds, but the brain-washing to believe lies is hard to erase. The water will leave and rebuilding will begin. We look behind us with short-sights.

We need to look ahead with better vision. Who are you going to believe now?