A Moment of Truth

When you fight for justice, you are clear & full throated. You don’t imply it in your words, you state it clearly. You don’t need to have other people clarify it for you — you are clear and people understand it yourself.

When you skirt an issue or refrain from using clear language (when you need to most), then your lack of explicit condemnation speaks volumes, too.

When you are about an issue, you surround yourself with expert voices who help you better understand what you are unclear about, so your decision-making is solid.

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Let’s be clear, the president of the United States, VP Pence, Bannon, Miller (more?) clearly supports:



White nationalists/supremacists (aka the Alt-Right)



KKK & David Duke




The Poor

Domestic Terrorism

Sowing seeds of hate

Sabotaging our healthcare


Family, friends & strangers are mourning the murder of Heather Heyer. She lost her life defending her community and fighting against racism. Her words and actions are clear. She fought for what she believed in.

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Teachers and friends of the 20 year old who rammed his car into a crowd of protestors (his name deserves no recognition), killing Heather, are saying he has long been using racial slurs and had an interest in Hitler (whose evil acts agaisnt Jews and others is well-documented, and almost universally abhored). He, and others, have learned to embrace some of the most vile hatred this world has seen. They learned to celebrate it and to love it publicly— and to hate specific people, vehemently. Why didn’t those family members speak up? Did they, too, quietly endorse such evil? How many other hate sympathizers are being overlooked or given a pass to practice their domestic terrorism — in the name of free speech?

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This nation is out of time. We must be intentional and explicit about our rejection of racism — and other isms. We must fight, at all levels of society and government, against any group that tries to undermine racial equity and justice for all in this land.

There is no time to give the president “time to learn”. Besides, he, his hiring choices, actions and policies have clearly conveyed what he has learned and chooses to act upon. He, his teachers and allies endorse the hate exhibited in Charlottesville and in too many households and communities and amongst too many U.S. policymakers & their policies.

The president is clear about who HE is. The next question is: Who Are YOU?

We have seen where injustice and crimes against humanity look like across the globe. The United States has joined with the world community to condemn it elsewhere. It’s time for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate the modern day, racist-driven atrocities being committed in the United States.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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