Comedian Martin Lawrence’s legendary character Sheneneh Jenkins, classically said it best when she coined the phrase, “You so crazy!”. Hers was playful and wasn’t accusatory when she said it to her neighor and dream boo, Martin, or love of her life, Kid, of the group Kid and Play. with a smile. Trump didn’t seem to smile when he accused his former (for now) BFF, Steve Bannon of being crazy, by saying, “When he (Bannon) lost his job (at the White House), he lost his mind.”

This political circus is getting crazier by the day — but it’s not funny. These are the days of our lives. And, as the world turns, these shenanigans are getting global headlines. I’m sure other natural leaders are watching this play out, with a big bowl of popcorn.

We’ve gone from being bold and beautiful to spewing fire and fury. Meanwhile, Trump keeps lying, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders keeps on repeating & defending them. Who is her accountability partner? Who prays with her? Does she kiss her kids with the same lips that these lies freely flow over?

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of As the White House Turns, the battle of the “Steve’s” ended Ride or Die Steve Miller-1 — ”Sideline Steve” Bannon — 0. Miller still has top security, while Bannon was relegated to the role of “Sideline Steve” “. Sideline Steve, who still gets the secret conversations, (which Trump will deny to the public when asked). But, we know Bannon is still there — he never really left. In fact, he got his name changed to “Sloppy Steve”. That just means he told too much — not that he lied. Yet, Stephen Miller is still quietly pulling strings, but staying out of the headlines (for now). “Slick Steve” will remain as long as he doesn’t shine more shine than Trump.

We all know that Trump still played with and embraced Bannon — even in the dark , that wasn’t so dark. He endorsed Roy Moore, Bannon’s Alabama candidate, didn’t he? Does he think WE forgot? As president of the United States of America campaigned for and endorsed an alleged pedophile — if that ain’t love, then what is? Thankfully, the alleged pedophile lost, but the stench still lingers. Who’s crazy again?

It’s clear that all have lost their minds — crazy like political foxes. And the Republitea party is sitting & twiddling their thumbs, while their boss uses his thumbs to tweet his degree of crazy for all the world to see. Even as Trump asserts his brilliance, there could honestly be some mental disconnects that deserves further attention and honesty. They, including Senator Lindsey Graham, call him all sorts of things like xenophobia, kook, racist, misogynist, and still vote for him, endorse his policies and call him “my president”.

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You Can Call Him Crazy…

But, he will deny, deny, deny! Embarrassing? Sad? Disturbing? Undeniable? Something is definitely wrong, and people are talking about it. It’s funny that the GOP wants to be in public lock-step, to defend the mental agility of Trump. Some — rivals and the out-going — have been honestly disloyal in previous statements, calling to question Trump’s mental fitness and/or maturity. Many get criticized for making assessments, when they are not professionally qualified or, if qualified, they haven’t personally been in contact with the “patient”. Well, Psychology Today and others who are “qualified” continue to raise questions of Trump’s stability. Some elected officials have had conversations with the qualified. Yet, Trump still defends his stability through his success and White House win. His business savvy might be more reflective of the people around him and really good branding — historical successes. That WH win, though, might have more to do with voter gullibility & apathy. Perhaps mental assessment of those voted for him an expected him to change. A moral & mental assessment should be conducted for those who know his fitness for duty, yet continue to enable and endorse him.


The harmful tax bill is the signature achievement for the administration and Republiteas. It is sending corporate stocks soaring, which they “hope” will lead to big donations to their party. They knew that similarly crafted plans didn’t yield the outcome they promised. They knew it was a lie, but only one has, sort of, admitted it — Florida Senator Marco Rubio — aka “Little Marco” as called by the sane one. Yes, they lied and people believed them. Who’s crazy again?

And the unraveling continues by the majority party. Perhaps, because they knew the crazy truths couldn’t remain a family secret much longer (thanks for putting the family secrets all in one book, called Fire & Fury, Michael Wolff). They continue to, openly, secretly & slowly undo regulations they (translation: their donors) don’t want, like: drilling on federal land; undoing states autonomy; erasing Obama’s eight years. And the Dems are sitting around while the lunacy continues — where’s their strong messaging & unified front? Some are stepping up at the state levels, but trickeration by Republiteas is well-paid and they don’t care if they lie. This battle requires louder truths and a full-court press.

Partners in Crime

This is serious business. We must hold 45 and those who have supported him accountable. We must hold EVERY politician accountable, FOREVERMORE. Don’t let media and politicians attempt to lay the blame of all things bad on the crazy shoulders of 45 — he’s had lots of help to move his agenda.

Tell all?

The “rumors” from Wolff’s Book of the year, continue to be corroborated, so why is this administration — and its friends — still trying to deny it? It’s not news, but it is still stunning that we are talking about the U.S. president. Even if the donors throw Bannon under the bus, they have still endorsed this administration’s behaviors — and the Congressional representatives who have voted for policies that only serve them and their donors. And Russia watches.

The Mercers, hedge fund billionaires, have been the cash cow for Bannon, Breitbart and politicians they like. Billionare Tom Steyer is putting HIS hedge fund money where his nation is, by financing his one- man-campaign to impeach 45, though. The Need To Impeach campaign has over 4-million signatures— and keeps growing. that’s more than number of popular votes HRC received over Trump. And Russia watches.

Trump and his ace Sarah Huckabee Sanders continue to deny the words from the Wolff who raided the White House. They defend his smarts because he defeated his republican rivals — what does that say about his rivals, though? And, yet, 45’s supporters still include, but are not limited to: Mercer’s and more money; Pence; McConnell; Ryan; Huckabee Sanders; Sessions; Haley; Carson; the rest of the cabinet; all of the Trumps; Kelly; Steve Miller; Mnuchin; many Senate Republiteas; many House Republiteas; RNC; FOX & Friends; Bannon; Breitbart; Roy Moore; Priebus; Flynn; Papadopoulos; Manafort; Tillerson...

Votes Count

Woke voters won’t be tricked. Voters who are waking up will Those who try to undermine & suppress voter rights are guilty of obstructing our constitutional rights, too. We should be able rely on fair elections to decide who goes into office — not pulling names out of bowls or counting hanging chads. Where does your mayor or governor sit with this administration? Where do owners of companies that you patronize sit on this administration’s actions? Remember their names and their plans and hold them accountable.

Just the facts…

FACT: The stock market rise is good for politicians and investors and political donors. That is not trickling down to the least of us.

FACT: This Administration and party doesn’t care about most of us.

FACT: Michael Wolff was in the White House — frequently. He heard & saw things. All of the non-FoxNews media is sloppy and discredited in the eyes of this administration, so they don’t count. Much of what we have heard before — unless you watch FAUXNews, FAUX & Friends, Sarah Huckabee Sanders or InfoWars for your political facts. Lets see who wins Trumps “media awards”.

FACT: Our nation, and the world, is being abused by political party loyalty.

FACT: Trump lies — routinely.

FACT: 46.9% of eligible voters stayed home on Election Day, November 2016. Your silence contributed to this noise.

45 and friends will continue to try to refute Wolff’s words as they’ve tried to refute any words that speak ill of the king/emperor — even though it’s proven that he was in there. There’s truth in the books and the reports that paint a troubled White House - don’t be fooled. It’s why the administration, now, wants to ban staff from bringing personal phones into meetings. Truth hurts. Don’t support the lies and liars any longer.

On every shopping and elections day — and before and after — they should know that we haven’t forgotten and we won’t forget what they’ve done to our democracy and communities.

On top of that, Republiteas are resigning or saying they won’t seek re-election. They’ve taken the money with the #taxscam curried favor with wealthy donors & corporations where they will likely join boards or get hired as consultants. He keeps tweeting-dumb, so how is 45 calling somebody crazy? “45: ‘Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.’” Who’s mind is lost, really?

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